THE UNFORTUNATE COOKIES / personal project

With hundreds of chinese restaurants in NYC to choose from, the majority of honest bad reviews end up getting ignored. 

As a payback for the disregarded honest feedback, The unfortunate Cookies wants to publicly expose the reality of many chinese restaurants by displaying the reviews inside fortune cookies through our instagram account @theunfortunatecookies.

Till date, the account has gained hundreds of followers, including agencies like The Barn (London), Coma BUZZ (Valencia/Munich), TBWA (ANG), Sarankco (NYC), Sea Service Agency (Milan), The Bureau (Germany), Bee Creative (Sao Paulo), Studio Futuroma (Rome); plus several creatives from VML (NYC) or Droga 5 (NYC) between others.

Creative Director: Austin DeJonge | Art Director: Marta Bañon | Copywriter: Lucía Mendezona